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Subject: Sprint’s commercial featuring a “Renegade Cop” turning over all his weapons because he’s been assigned desk duty (specifically the 16 second mark)

Analysis: I admit that I found this commercial amusing the first time I saw it, even before he took out the rocket launcher. However (and this will hurt the final score), the commercial would have been 38% better (not scientifically proven) if the “Renegade Cop” in question had just taken out rocket launcher after rocket launcher, stacking them all up on the desk, instead of bothering with all those small, infantile weapons. As we all know, when you have a rocket launcher, there really is no need for any other weapon. Besides, who’s going to mess with a police officer who carries around a rocket launcher (or twenty)?
Answer: I pity the fool.

(Note that the official ‘Rocket Launcher Rating’ is for how well the subject utilizes rocket launchers. It’s not a rating of the subject itself)

Rocket Launcher Rating:


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