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The yet-to-be-released Book 3 of “Kid with a Rocket Launcher” will be featured at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, happening in Frankfurt Germany from October 6th – 10th.
Germany is kind of where this all began, if you factor in my family ancestry :D

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$1 Digital Books

To help get the word out about my one-man operation known as Kid with a Rocket Launcher, I’ve recently lowered the price of the Amazon Kindle digital versions of KWARL Book 1, Volumes 1 & 2 and KWARL Book 2, Volumes 1, 2, & 3 to $1 each. In essence, that’s 5 books for $5.

I hope the temporary price discount will encourage more people to take a chance on my little labors of love. The Amazon Kindle e-reader app is a free download on the App Store for ipod/ipod touch/ipad.

Be advised that the price change might not be reflected on the Kindle Store right away. There’s some sort of verification process that the digital files were going through first. So keep checking back if the price of the books isn’t yet showing up as $1.

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What is Goodreads? I had no idea up until a few days ago, but http://www.goodreads.com is a social networking site for people who love books. I write books, so I guess by extension, I also love them.

You can find my profile here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/534592.Matthew_Reis

And yes, I rated my books 5 stars each. It didn’t say I couldn’t, so I did.

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Book 2, Volume 1 coverAbout “The Six Weddings of Vincent Frye”:

“I had been under the impression that marriage was something two people agreed to do, like going to a movie or getting a haircut. I had no idea that only one side could declare a marriage and it would be legally binding! I had seen weddings on television before. They seemed like fancy birthday parties for two people at at time. Presents and cake were involved too, so I wasn’t sure why people didn’t have weddings more often. Little did I know, weddings weren’t exactly what I thought they were. Somehow, I had gotten myself into a ‘situation’ that had one ‘girl’ wanting to ‘marry’ me. I didn’t really mind, until there was another ‘girl’. And then another…”

*Get KWARL Book 2, Volume 1 here* (Amazon.com Link)

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KWARL Chapter 1 sample

This has been up on Myspace for awhile, but I just recently figured out where to put it on Facebook, so it’s there now too.

It’s the first chapter from KWARL Book 1, Volume 1.

Link to KWARL Chapter 1 preview on Facebook

Link to KWARL Chapter 1 preview on Myspace

Sample Chapter now on Facebook and Myspace

Sample Chapter now on Facebook and Myspace

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Visit Bluffside!

KWARL Book 1, Volumes 1 & 2

KWARL Book 1, Volumes 1 & 2

A tour of the best little town this side of the Mississippi, by Vincent Frye.
Introduction by and Edited by Bluffside’s very own beloved Mayor Dale Greengrass.

Letter from Bluffside's own Mayor DaleDear possible visitors to Bluffside,

Bluffside is a place where people live. The cars have tires. The trees have leaves.

My mom complains about the traffic, so I guess that’s exciting for people who might drive to Bluffside. Come for the traffic! Stay because you’re stuck in traffic! Mom won’t let me drive. She says I’m not old enough. I tell her that there are kids in other countries, like Norway, who learn how to ski before they can walk. She told me to move to Norway. I haven’t yet, but I threaten to sometimes. I really believe she’d miss me if I did, though. At least, I think she would. I’m the only other person in the house, so she wouldn’t have anyone to talk to at the breakfast table if I wasn’t there. And who would let her know when she forgets to put on makeup?

What I like about Bluffside is the nature. Even outside of Bluffside Gardens, there’s trees everywhere. Almost like forests are trying to grow in between where buildings were built. My friend Albert’s house has a really green yard. The grass is like something out of a painting. It shows up really well on my clothes too. Mom doesn’t seem to be a fan of the color green. She always grumbles when I come home with green on me. I guess that’s why she put down a blanket when she and I went to see fireworks this past 4th of July at the fairgrounds. My friend Ann came too. I’ve saved her from the clutches of evil twice, despite what Ann might tell you. (And Mom still won’t let me set off fireworks in the house, no matter how much I ask nicely.)

I’ve lived in Bluffside forever. My mom hasn’t, but she’s been in Bluffside for as long as I’ve been alive. I guess she likes it here. She runs her own company out of her office near the front door of our house. She does something with insurance, which she’s tried to explain to me. I still don’t get it, but it keeps the pantry full of food, so I have faith in whatever it is that she does. Every night before bed, I fold my hands together and thank insurance for everything it’s given us.

Seeing as how my dream of a perfect city would include flying cars and a waterpark on every street corner, I’d say Bluffside falls a little short of that. But since I was told not to complain about Bluffside in this, there are a few things that I like about the city, but really, why don’t we have flying cars yet? Or for that matter, why don’t we have jets for the road? Jets can fly and cars can drive, so wouldn’t everyone get around faster if we just reversed that? I wonder if Mayor Greengrass has the power to make that happen. He’s always saying he’s the most powerful man in Bluffside (Ed. Note: Just for the record, I am.).

If people are going to visit Bluffside, they should be sure to go to places like Bluffside Gardens and the Prosaic Arcade Lifestyle Shopping Center (I call it the mall). I almost got married six times at Bluffside Gardens, so I have memories of that place. Not really fond memories, just… memories. We also have a movie theater and a city hall. My TV is a fun place to spend some time. There’s also houses everywhere that you can visit. There are houses all over Bluffside, each with a different set of people inside. I’ve never tried it, but if you were to try to visit each house in Bluffside, you might end up having years of fun! (Ed. Note: Please refrain from doing this.) Oh, and there’s also Our Lady of the Bluff and Bluffside Trails churches, for those people who are religiously-interested. Our Lady of the Bluff had a ghost once. It doesn’t anymore, thanks to Albert and me :)
(Ann might have helped too. A little.)

If Bluffside was a bird, I think it would be a sparrow. It’s a normal bird that you can see anywhere, and it’s not too complicated. Bluffside doesn’t fly, so I don’t think the question makes a whole lot of sense. I’d say Bluffside is more like a housecat. It’s there and it does its own thing, and sometimes it’ll be friendly and lick your hand. Mom won’t get me a cat. Or a dog. She says she has enough to worry about taking care of me. I remind her that a cat or dog isn’t likely to wander off with a rocket launcher, but that doesn’t seem to help my cause.

My favorite memory of Bluffside would have to be standing on top of the water tower at the fairgrounds during the county fair, while eating cookies. I could see far off in the distance, but I couldn’t see my house. Now that the water tower is gone, I think I was probably the last one to get such a good view of Bluffside. That is, except for the people who fly over it in planes. Some people call Bluffside a flyover town. I wish I had a plane. I would fly everywhere. Down the street or across town. I could finally see for myself if Iceland was green and Greenland was icy. Be sure to read my paragraph above where I point out our town’s distinct lack of flying cars.

I don’t really think I can say how much better Bluffside has become since Mayor Greengrass took over as mayor. I didn’t really pay attention to the last mayor, and the only reason I know Mayor Greengrass so well is because he tried to lock me in a cage for the county fair (Ed. Note: Kids! Hahaha!). Mom says Bluffside wasn’t that different before Mayor Greengrass. Mayor Greengrass says it was a lot different. I’ll let those two debate that subject, but he better not try to take her on another date.

Overall, Bluffside is a place where I live. I’ve had some adventures, fired some rocket launchers, and tried my best to defend honor and justice for the normal folk who call this town home. I see no reason to visit a place where I already live, but if you don’t live here, maybe you can find a reason to visit.

Dearestly yours,
The Knight of Docile Ferocity (Ed. Note: That’s what Mr. Frye calls himself)


*Get KWARL Book 1, Volume 1 here* (Amazon.com Link)

*Get KWARL Book 1, Volume 2 here* (Amazon.com Link)

*Get KWARL Book 1, Volume 1 here* (Barnes & Noble.com Link)

*Get KWARL Book 1, Volume 2 here* (Barnes & Noble.com Link)

*Get KWARL Book 1, Volume 1 here* (Tattered Cover Book Store Link)

*Get KWARL Book 1, Volume 2 here* (Tattered Cover Book Store Link)

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How Book Pricing Works

mario with question markOne of the bigger decisions I had to make when putting together the KWARL books was how to price them. I had two options:

1. Do a really lengthy book and charge over $25 for it
2. Do two volumes of the book to get the price per book closer to $15/each

Obviously I went with #2, especially since we’re talking about paperback books. If I was ever to do a hardcover collector’s edition of the KWARL series (which is a possibility if the books sell well enough), then THAT would be over $20 (hopefully with some nice goodies of some sort packed in, like what Atlus does so well with their game releases).

Most of the price is based on the number of pages inside the book being published. Consider that one hundred pages is about $6.50 to have printed. Double that for two hundred pages and you’re at $13.00. Then add in the retail mark up (since the place selling the book has to make a profit) and I’m still surprised I was able to get the books priced between $15 and $16.

However, in the end, I believe in the KWARL series and I do truly think it’s worth the price. Of course, also remember that you can save a few dollars (and a few days of shipping time) by purchasing the digital versions on your Kindle or iPhone Kindle app.

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