This is the year 2010. Oh-ten for those hip enough to drop the 2. We were all supposed to have flying cars and Rosie-maid robots and wives named Jane by now. But the world seems to move at a slow pace as far as change is concerned.

And then something comes along and reminds us that the future is now. Robots may invade tomorrow, but not before real innovation has hit home. This morning, via a commercial during the morning news, I was introduced to the Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff taco shells. They are taco shells that STAND ON THEIR OWN.

Forget the iPad. This is the future. Right here.

It even comes packaged with TBHQ!


Good Reads? Reads Good!

What is Goodreads? I had no idea up until a few days ago, but http://www.goodreads.com is a social networking site for people who love books. I write books, so I guess by extension, I also love them.

You can find my profile here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/534592.Matthew_Reis

And yes, I rated my books 5 stars each. It didn’t say I couldn’t, so I did.

Fun Fact

The Simpsons is animated with the same computer animation software as Kid with a Rocket Launcher: The Fuzz of War.

It’s a program called Toon Boom:

Friends are great!

A special thanks to Richard Davis and Kailin Scott for getting the word out about the KWARL: Fuzz of War short, and super-awesome thanks to Kailin for the fan art right above this.

Richard and Kailin just started their very own web comic, awesomely titled “Samurai Princess” – www.samuraiprincess.com

Check it out and be sure to stop by their forums to say hi.

Oh, and just in case anyone comes here from there, here’s the short again to help put that fan art into context (5:41):

Vincent’s Christmas List

Vincent was summarily asked by Teresa for a more realistic list. He crossed off the towel and handed the list back to her.

Turkey is a state of mind

I really want to know how Teresa and Vincent spend Thanksgiving. I’ve never dealt with Thanksgiving in the KWARL universe, but it’s something I’d like to do someday.

I’m pretty sure it would be sort of normal, except if Vincent got the idea to try to cook the turkey in mere seconds by exploding it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Seeing as how I spent way too much time playing New Super Mario Bros Wii this weekend, this idea was easy. Especially considering that after an entire Sunday of playing, I only see Mario and Mario-related objects when I close my eyes. I might have a condition…

who needs a fire flower?

See, Mario games are always awesome, so a rocket launcher power up in a Mario game would just add to the overall amount of awesome already present in the game. The rocket launcher would allow Mario to blow up coin blocks and enemies, and most importantly, a rocket launcher would allow Mario to blow a giant hole in the side of whichever castle he had to invade to get at the end boss, saving valuable time and energy needed for rescuing the ever-kidnapped Princess Peach.